The Future Fate of the B-Boy Culture


October 31, 2014 by dborys

One of the beta readers for Box of Rain brought up the question of whether or not b-boying (known as break dancing to those people outside of the culture) is still a thing in this day and age.

B-boying as a dance style has been around since the 70’s but grew to its height of popularity in the 80’s.  It has spread across the world and had a resurgence in the 90’s, but it has always been around to those who love the music and the moves.

Recently, there has been a movement to rejuvenate the b-boy world, as evidenced in the article linked below.

At this current moment, in 2014 has brought in the birth and rise of the Pro-B-Boy movement. Now, I’m sure some of you may be wondering “what the F**** is the Pro B-Boy movement?” In essence, it’s three things: The rise of organizations, associations and leagues in our scene who want to take B-Boying to the next level in terms of high quality and production events and battles. The rise of the professional B-Boy as a career. Where B-Boys actually can make a decent living from not only travelling and judging, but also battling, and more importantly, being paid to practice! The rise of “B-Boy ACTIVISTS” who are fighting to unite this divided scene, and to not only preserve the culture, but also to protect it from outside or inside, selfish interests, while building opportunities and ways that all B-Boys past, present and future can have an equal opportunity to make a decent living.

via The Future Fates of our B-Boy Culture | Pro Breaking Tour. By Dyzee Supernaturalz

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  1. dborys says:

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    At this current moment, in 2014 has brought in the birth and rise of the Pro-B-Boy movement.

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