Life is a battleground – b-boying battle, that is

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November 11, 2014 by dborys

Working on Box of Rain a has heightened my enjoyment of street dancing. Check out this excerpt from the novel posted on the books website to see why.

BOX OF RAIN: another STREET STORIES suspense novel

I’m just finishing up proofreads of Box of Rain and thought I would share this scene about Booker in action at the break dance battle his cousin Shorty set up in a effort to win some money to pay off a debt.Sf_hiphop

Wobble by V.I.C. jammed so loud Shorty’s ass couldn’t stop bouncing to the beat. The sound drowned out the pellets of rain falling on the aluminum canopy overhead. He could barely see anything in the dark beyond the ring of light aimed between two lines of broken down gas pumps. In the background, white like a ghost with plywood eyes and graffiti for a mouth, the empty Shell station was the only sign there had ever been prosperity anywhere nearby.

The neighborhood was mostly abandoned, the three-block radius about the only place in Chicago considered neutral territory. Which is why tonight’s crowd consisted of a mix of college…

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